How organic magic happens

or how we deliver to companies and importers to different countries.


1. Choose Your Products

We have a great variety of organic products - Pistachios, Dates, Raisin, Figs, Almond and Prunes. And all of these products have different varieties and size .so choose what is your desired order.


2. Our processing unit starts processing 

We do process the products according to your order, size, and quality, we do sorting, then packing and make it ready for shipment, and we can do packing with your desired brand also 


3. Loading and transportation to the port 

After goods are ready we load it by truck or container and we send it to the port.

4. Custom clearance and shipment

After receiving goods to the port we do custom clearance and we ship the goods to your destination 


5. Documentation

After shipping the goods we do documentation and prepare all required documents such as commercial invoice, packing list, phytosanitary certificate and certificate of origin and we send them by courier to you with 4 days they will be in your hands