White almond or Kaghazi almond is a very soft skin almond that can be broken by hand , the tase is sweet and we supply inshell . 

we have three differnt quality in kaghazi almond and is supplied by 20 kg bags . 


Sangi almond or qomi or motafarika , is an almond that grows in shiraz , tabriz , niiriz and its not 100% sweet , 5% bitter almond inside is normal . 


this almond is not based on size , the color is darker than mamra almond , and the taste is totally different and the price also ,


Mamra Almond is grown in saman area (in charmahal bakhtiari province ) beside the rivers and in mountains , 

this almond is 100% sweet , and the size is as below : 

80-90 pcs in 100 gr that we call it AAAAA

90-100 pcs in 100 gr that we call AAAA

100-110 pcs in 100 gr that we call it AAA

110-120 pcs in 100 gr that is common quality and we call it AA 

120-130 pcs in 100 gr that we call it A

130-000 that we call it baby mamra 

the pack is 12 kg in cloths , in carton (box) and  shrink wrapped .

we supply 12 to 14 tons in one 20 feet container . 

delivery time is twoo weeks , 

and payment term is 30 % by deposit and 70 % before shipment .